Excerpt from “The Kemetic (Egyptian) Science of Action” by Faheem Judah-EL Tjeti

Excerpt from “The Kemetic (Egyptian) Science of Action” by Faheem Judah-EL Tjeti



Sent down on the heart of Faheem Judah-EL Tjeti

What is Action?


Webster’s Dictionary Defines Action: The Doing Of Something; State Of Being In Motion; The Way Of Moving Organs Of The Body; The Moving Of Parts: Guns, Piano; Military Combat; Appearance Of Animation In A Painting, Sculpture, Etc.

This Includes Hand Gestures, Sign Language, Facial Expressions, Lip Movement During Speech, Human Activities Like Walking, Running, Jumping, Jogging, Etc, And Aerobic Exercises Are All Actions. Consider A Typical Office Scene, At A Given Time A Person Can Be Performing Either One Of The Following Actions: Reading, Writing, Talking To Other People, Working On A Computer, Talking On A Phone, Leaving Or Entering The Office.

Actions Can Be Classified Into Three Categories: Events,Temporal Textures, And Activities. Motion Events Do Not Exhibit Temporal Or Spatial Repetition. Events Can Be Low Level Descriptions Like A Sudden Change Of Direction, A Stop, Or A Pause, Which Can Provide Important Clues To The Type Of Object And Its Motion. Or They Can Be High Level Descriptions Like ‘Opening A Door, Starting A Car,

Throwing A Ball, Or More Abstractly Pick Up, Put Down, Push, Pull, Drop, Throw, Etc. Motion Verbs Can Also Be Associated With Motion Events. For Example, Motion Verbs Can Be Used To Characterize Trajectories Of Moving Vehicles, Or Normal Or Abnormal Behavior Of The Heart’s Left Ventricular Motion.

The Temporal Textures Exhibit Statistical Regularity But Are Of Indeterminate Spatial And Temporal Extent. Examples Include Ripples On Water, The Wind In The Leaves Of Trees, Or A Cloth Waving In The Wind. Activities Consists Of Motion Patterns That Are Temporally Periodic And Possess Compact Spatial Structure. Examples Include Walking, Running, Jumping, Etc.

An Action Is A Causal Process Starting With The Intention Of The Actor, Mediated By The Bodily Motion, Leading To An Effect (Change Or Invariance) In The Environment. The “Observable Portion” Of An Action Is The Portion Of The Above Process Starting From The Bodily Motion And Ending At The Effect In The Environment. If The Effect Is A Purely Physical Phenomenon The Action Is Called Physical. If The Above Process Involves The Mental Process Of Another Agent, The Action Is Called Communication. As Long As The Above Structure Holds, The Constituent Movements And Environmental Changes Can Take Various Forms; They Can Be Continuous And Parallel, Repetitive Or One-Shot, The Effect Can Be Over Self Body, Etc.

The Distinction Between Actions And Motions Are Important. Actions Must Involve The Subject Of Motion, The Target Of Action, And The CausalityWhich Connects Them. Motions Involve The Subject Of Motion And Its Movement Only.

What Do I Mean When I Talk About Action?

To Think Positively, To Use Your Full Potential, And To Act Together As One Unified Humanity.

Scroll One

Tehuti, Represents Action in the Mysteries

8-ogdoad + 1 = 9 life

The Ogdoad of the Mysteries – Tehuti is the Master of the City of Eight

Begin All thinking, speech, and action within the ALL

1 Lo! All Of Ye Children Of The Most High Who Have Embarked Upon The Name Amlak, Neteru, Malawk, Eloheem, And Al Malaa’ikat.

2 I, A Servant Of The Most High, Who You Know As  Faheem Judah-El Tjeti, Has Been Sent To The Next Generation Of Kosmosans To Break The Spell.

3 I Am About To Impart Upon You The Knowledge Of Action. From The Mind, To Your Potential, To Action.

4 Know That Action Is the Manifestation Of All Things, A Special Gift From Your Ancestors, Represented By Tehuti,

5 Whom I Call Your Descendants,

6 For They Came Down To You From Above,

7 They Are Called Neteru, Who Art The Eloheem, Anunnaqi

8 And Al Malaa’ikat, The Angelic Beings,

9 The Master Of The Limits Of Time And Space (Neb-ER-Tcher)

10 Who Is Ra, Anu, On, Called El – Eloh, Allah, And Yahuwa, Amlak-Igziabeher, Theos Or God By Many.

11 All Within The All.

12 Within The Confines Of This Scroll, You Shall Seek Out The Knowledge Of Action – Manifestation.

13 Which Works With Hu -The Authoritative Utterance, And Sia – The Mind, Or Consciousness, Knowledge, Overstanding, And Perception.

14 Sia Is Complemented By Hu,

15 From Sia To Hu To Heka. Heka Is The Words Of Power,The Transforming Effect That Brings Action – Manifestation.

16 Tehuti First Brought Forth The Power Of Sound, Out Of The Mouth Of Ra, Tehuti Is The Word,

17 And The Mover Of Inert Energy,

18 Our Ancient Ancestors Taught Us Through Our Sacred Scrolls The Knowledge Of Creation By The Word,

19 (Tehuti) He Who Brings Forth Action From Mind And Thought, He Who Brings Effect. Tehuti (Action) From Cause (Heru).

Heru symbolic of Cause & Tehuti symbolic of Effect

20 In The Ancient Scrolls Of The Mysteries It Was Tehuti Who Uttered The Words, Commanded By RA (Divine Intellect) That Created The World,

21 Beloved Kosmosans Saith Tehuti (The Word) “I Am The Eternal…I Am That Which Created The Word… I Am The Word.”

22 From The Sia – Mind To Hu – Divine Utterance Came The Pre-Dawn State Of Action,

23 The Word Dwelled In The Watery Chaos Of Nun (Limitless Potential),

24 And This Build Up Of Condensed Energy (Vibration), Exploded And Expanded As Divine Sound,

25 Which Transformed This Potential Inert Energy – Matter Of Nun Into The Universe As Orderly, Differentiated, Structured, Kinetic Energies.

26 This Action Produced Objective Manifestation In The Form Of Objects, Thoughts, Forces, And Physical Phenomena.

27 Beloved Kosmosans Listen As I Explain The Attributes Of Tehuti,

28 He Is Called The Master Of The City Of Eight, Known As The Ogdad An Ancient Kemetic Word Meaning Eight.

29 Whom Among You Know What The Master Of The City Of Eight Means? The Kosmosans Will Surely Guard The Sacred Knowledge For The Future Generations,

30 What Does The Word Mean? The Word Means Action,

31 From Mind, To Thought, To Action, From The Father, To the Son, To The Holy Spirit, From RA, To Heru, To Tehuti,

32 What Is The Action Behind Your Word? Behind Every Word Lies An Action, A Shadow That Follows And Manifests Objects And Thoughts.

33 Are You A Neter Of Your Word? A Neter Is Only As Good As His/Her Word, Which Signifies The Action Behind The Word.

34 Tehuti Represents To The World The Spoken – Written Language And Knowledge That Gives Life To Action.

35 It Is Tehuti, The Divine Tongue Who Gave Names To The Neteru – Divine Beings, Angelic Beings.

36 Out Of The Divine Mouth Of Ra, The Creator, And From The Divine Tongue Of Tehuti, Down To The Neteru And Human Beings.

37 All Things Are Possible, If We Turn Our Words Into Action.

38 Tehuti Is The Force That Gives Us The Ability To Transform Our Creative Potential Into Action, Manifest Realities.

39 Ra The Creator Made It Possible For Tehuti To Act, But Action Is Not Possible Without The Will / Heart To See It Through, So Tehuti And Heru Are Forever Knotted Together,

40 Because The Will (Heru) Must Be Accompanied By The Action Of Tehuti. (The Story Of Cause And Effect) (40 completeness)

The Will (Heru) Knotted With Action Tehuti

Cause And Effect


Capsule- Think Positive Thoughts, Use Your Full Potential In Life, Be Slow To Anger, And Act With Sincere Intentions.    Faheem Judah-EL


“The Most High Is Merciful And Gracious,
Slow To Anger, And Plenteous In Mercy.”  Psalm 103:8

You Have Nine Principles That Are You

  1. Ka, This Is The Spiritual You
  2. Khu, This Is The Mental You
  3. Khat, This Is The Body You


  1. Ba, This Is The Soul You
  2. Khaybet, This The Plasmatic You
  3. Akh, This Is The Etheric You


  1. Hati, This Is Your Physical Heart Organ
  2. Ab, This Is Your Spiritual Heart
  3. Sekhem, This Is Your Spark Of Life In You


Axum E-books -“Your source for spiritual enlightenment”



ABOUT THE EDITOR & PUBLISHER FAHEEM JUDAH-EL - Meta-physician, Mystic, Scribe, Researcher, Publisher Born on September 15th 1962 in Decatur Illinois: Faheem Judah-El is a Researcher and Historian: He has spent many years chronicling and preserving the story of African people worldwide. As a researcher He has traveled to many parts of the world such as: Ethiopia, Egypt, Mecca, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and many Native American Mound Centers of North America. He is currently an author, and the Editor of African Scholar Publications & Preservation.

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