EXCERPT FROM THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE PART ONE The Ethiopian Mysteries by Faheem Judah-EL

EXCERPT FROM THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE PART ONE The Ethiopian Mysteries by Faheem Judah-EL

The Ethiopian Mysteries
“Are ye not as children of the Aethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? Saith the Lord.”(Amos 9:7)

Psalms 68:31 – “Princes shall come out of Mizrahim; Aethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God-Amlak-Igziabeher”

“Begin all thoughts, speech, and action with Igziabeher”

The New Age teachings are very dangerous to our souls because most of their teachers take a little bit of knowledge from here and there and feed it to the curious and ignorant without their best interest at heart.
That is a great danger, and it is very sad that so many teachings avoid giving the full knowledge, or don’t have the full knowledge. There are some new age teachers who actually teach that if you simply stop paying attention to the ego, it dissolves on its own. I see them talking about it on television every day. It is very popular, but it is far from the truth. What most of these teachers don’t overstand is that matter and energy are interdependent, and cannot just be pushed to the side, it is either positive or negative in nature.

Question: what is the ego made up of in the body?

Answer: the ego is a crystallization of sexual forces that are not physical, but that are emotional and mental. Those crystallizations are within our own mind. We can call it the unconscious, or the subconscious.

Question: is the ego considered matter?

Answer: yes, the ego is a certain kind of matter, but yes the ego is matter, but not physical matter. It is matter in a lower dimension. It is a formation that traps energy, and until that matter is removed, the energy that corresponds to it remains imprisoned. You can ignore your ego all you want, but it does not go away or dissolve on its own. In order to free the energy, the matter must be dissipated. It is simple as that. This is a basic concept in physics.
In other words, what these groups teach is how to awaken the ayin in our resh, in our head, and develop insight, powers, clairvoyance, vision – but through the ego, רע Ra (RAH), impurity, and pollution. This is what we call a Seer, someone who has developed powers, but with the ego still alive. This is what we call a demon, in other words. They might look like a regular physical person, they might think they are a regular physical person, but their soul is becoming demonic because the Consciousness is awakening inside the ego, and God is not there.

Question: how does this awakening occur?

Answer: the way awakening occurs is through our use of our own energies, through our will. From moment to moment, constantly, our whole organism, psychologically and physically, we are receiving and transforming energy. We use that energy according to how we use our Consciousness. Wherever you place your attention, you are directing forces, energies, and there is a reciprocal event that occurs. When you begin to pay attention to something, you are putting energy into that and you develop a relationship with it. This is natural. It is part of how nature functions. Thus when you choose to invest your energy into being angry, or to being lustful, or to feeling a desire, or indulging in a desire, you are falling under the temptation of your own serpent, Lucifer, who is tempting that energy. You fall into that and become hypnotized by your desire. If you focus your energy on meditation, prayer, fasting, giving, devotion to family life and God, the result will manifest Good-Tov, spiritual results, or blessings in your life.

Question: where does this energy originate in the body?

Answer: good question, the function of this all occurs through the letter vav, which represents the spinal column. The letter Vav is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The number 6 relates to Indecision. This is where we are all the time when the serpent in us is tempting us to choose. Do we choose to use our energy, our time, our mind, our heart, and our body to serve the virgin, our own Divine Mother? Or do we use those energies to serve Lilith, Nahemah, or Jezebel, who is in us? We choose in each moment according to how we behave, how we think, how we feel, how we use those energies.
That process is happening through Vav, because that is our own spine.

Question: what happens in our spinal column?

Answer: Eve is at the base of the spine, which is where the creative energy resides: in the sexual organs. The root energy of our whole organism and psychology is in our sexual energy. When our inner Eve is tempted and uses sexual energy to feed her desire, she uses that energy and sends it up the spine to Adam, and infects the brain with the taste and lust and desire for sensations of pleasure, even if those are not explicitly sexual on the surface.

It may just be, for example, that we have a situation with someone we are envious of, and we indulge in that envy in our mind and heart; that indulgence is a usage of sexual energy, but we are unaware of it. The brain becomes addicted to that sensation of envy, and we become used to it, we start to like it, even though it is a form of suffering. This is what happens with drug addicts and alcoholics. This is what happens with people who are manic, people who are depressed. They become habituated to sensations and they start to like it. The same happens with people who are undergoing torture, who are put in jail. They become used to it, and they start to think it is normal, and they start to crave it. This is what has happened to us.
Even though we get up on Sunday morning and go to Church and listen to the WORD, go to Temple on Saturday, or go to Jumah on Friday, we come home and exhibit some of that same negative behavior that we have convinced ourselves that we don’t have. It may sound weird, and the mind says, “That cannot be,” but it is true. And when you really become honest with yourself and you start looking into your behaviors, you start to see things that you know you shouldn’t do but that you like to do, and we all have them.

Question: are you saying we are sick and don’t know it?

Answer: yes, in a certain way we are sick and don’t know it, here is an example: some of us really like to feel worried, afraid, to feel insecure, or to feel anxious. I bet you that most of us, even though we would not admit it, actually like to feel stressed because we have become used to it. Now when we feel stressed, we feel like we are doing something, like we are part of life, we are on the path to success because we are stressed out. When we feel relaxed, we feel uncomfortable, as if we are not doing our work, we are not doing something. Have you ever noticed that? When you start to really relax, you start getting worried and anxious because you are not stressed?

Question: why is that?

Answer: because we become habituated to these harmful states of being. The end result is that we suffer. We use our energies to cultivate and strengthen all these unconscious and subconscious desires, fears, anxieties, and cravings, all of that impurity that surges the mind, about which we do not know because we are in darkness. We are blind; we do not even see ourselves. Instead, our eyes are only opened to our desires. We see everything through our desires and in relation to our desires. We are so enslaved by our inner impurities that we do not even realize it. For us, life is just the pursuit of desires. That is why we suffer.
However, if we learn how to consciously use this energy, the sexual energy, then the stakes go up. Then, the game is really on. The problem is that many of the groups and movements who teach about the transmutation of sexual energy do not teach about the elimination of the ego.




ABOUT THE EDITOR & PUBLISHER FAHEEM JUDAH-EL - Meta-physician, Mystic, Scribe, Researcher, Publisher Born on September 15th 1962 in Decatur Illinois: Faheem Judah-El is a Researcher and Historian: He has spent many years chronicling and preserving the story of African people worldwide. As a researcher He has traveled to many parts of the world such as: Ethiopia, Egypt, Mecca, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and many Native American Mound Centers of North America. He is currently an author, and the Editor of African Scholar Publications & Preservation.

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