I just received your book… my question is about Jesus’ name, Iu-em-hetep

I just received your book… my question is about Jesus’ name, Iu-em-hetep

I just received your book… my question is about Jesus’ name, Iu-em-hetep .. Faheem Judah-EL

Sons of Sananda Study book Three

Question: can you explain the information on the true identity of John the beloved, and the origin of the book of Revelation?

Answer: yes, but first let me answer a question that was posed to me by Moon Ka Ra who read study book one.

Moon Ka Ra

Question: can you help me out with this question? I just received your book… my question is about Jesus’ name, Iu-em-hetep, there is no U in Iu-Em-Hetep right?

Answer: The Messu, or the Messianic Prince of Peace, was born into the world at Memphis in the reverence of Ptah (Fath-Er) as the Kemetian KRST-Christ, with the title of Iu-em-hetep, “he who comes with peace” or “plenty and good fortune” as the type of eternal child. This divine child, Iu-em-hetep, as the image of immortal youth, is the little hero (Heru=Hero) of all later legend, the Kemetian Herakles, he had been one of the (Ogdaod- in the city of eight) or eight great Neteru of ancient Kemet who was in existence twenty thousand years ago. The story of this wondrous child, who is the figure of ever-coming and of continuous renewal in the elements of life, was also known by name as Kheper, Heru, Aten, Tum or Nefer-Atum.

His story was continued at On or Anu. His title was also repeated in the new religion, Iu-em-hetep became the representative of Atum-Ra. (As Jesus is a representative of the Heavenly Father)


In the old Kingdom there was a primordial Netert known as Iusaas-Iusaaset,Juesaes, Ausaas, and Jusas, as well as in Greek Saosis /ˌseɪˈoʊsɨs/.Iusaas (Grandmother of the Neteru) mother of Iusu, counterpart of Atum. In later mythos she was known as Auset/Isis, Ishtar, Maya, Kali, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Inanna, and Mary, she was the first to be known as a partheno or“virgin”.


Question : what is parthenogenesis?

Answer: The word parthenogenesis comes from the Greek παρθένος, parthenos, meaning”virgin” and γένεσις, genesis, meaning “birth”. Like Mary’s parthenogenesis or Immaculate Conception (clean birth), Iusaas was the first to give birth by parthenogenesis or Immaculate Conception. This ancient Kemetic concept was passed down to many spiritual centers in ancient Kemet, and finally found its way in modern religion.

In the later mythos it is Atum who carries both strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces, and dual polarities. (He/She) In most versions of the Kemetic creation story Atum/Atom split his electrons and his protons or created Shu and Tefnut, the first male and female principle by building up energy until it could not be contained any longer. In human terms Atum would be asexual, and he “self- mated” (mental intercourse) causing the creation of the first male and female which is seen as being the root mythos of the Qabbalistic separation of the one divine essence known as Kether into the masculine and feminine essences Chokma and Binah, or the Taoist version of the creation of Yin and Yang from the Tao.

In the old mythos Iusu’(Jesus’) mother’s name at On or Annu was Iusaas (Greek- Saosis)(“Grandmother of all of the Neteru)”, or she who was great with child (Iusa or Iusu), the ever-coming child, the messiah of the inundation. This is where the U comes from in IU-EM-HETEP, from the Mother. (see the difference from a “SUS and a SUT”) Greek.

Modern Christian doctrine of today did not originate from a canonized human story, although the story might be expressed in human terminology which to a lesser degree may teach great moral lessons notwithstanding contradictions, as it is without“gnosis”.

Can you see how we have re-unified our original astronomical Kemetic truth with our spiritual principles, as well as explaining the meanings of the canonized story of Jesus,the “perfected man”, who had received the Christ Consciousness?

Now we overstand the gnosis of the ever-coming child Iusu-Iu-em-hetep- KRST – the original eternal Christ.

In Astro-theological terms Iusu or Jesus in the sphere of time and space is the son of Iusaas and of Atum, (symbolic of Sirius and the Sun), in his first sovereignty in the movement of procession was determined by the changing equinox or by the shifting position of the pole.

Remember, even though they are spoken of in human terms, the ever-coming one refers to the celestial cycle (procession) of the mythos which also has a spiritual meaning in man because man is a microcosm of the universe.

Procession of the Ethiopian Priests – The Ethiopian Mystries

Thank you for your question Moon Ka Ra

Faheem Judah-EL




ABOUT THE EDITOR & PUBLISHER FAHEEM JUDAH-EL - Meta-physician, Mystic, Scribe, Researcher, Publisher Born on September 15th 1962 in Decatur Illinois: Faheem Judah-El is a Researcher and Historian: He has spent many years chronicling and preserving the story of African people worldwide. As a researcher He has traveled to many parts of the world such as: Ethiopia, Egypt, Mecca, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and many Native American Mound Centers of North America. He is currently an author, and the Editor of African Scholar Publications & Preservation.

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