Meaning of The Lord’s Day Tjeti Faheem Judah-EL

Meaning of The Lord’s Day Tjeti Faheem Judah-EL

Meaning of The Lord’s Day Tjeti Faheem Judah-EL
Question: what is the meaning of the Lord’s Day?

Answer: let’s look at Revelation 1:10, “I John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day” (Rev. 1:10). “The Lord‘s day” here is a state of mind in which we have released our own personal thoughts and activities, and rest in the realization that we have touched the mind of Spirit (divine consciousness). Getting into Spirit or the Isle of flames is getting into the consciousness that we can and do understand the things of Spirit, the revelations of Spirit.
The Lord’s Day is the day of illumination; it is the day of God, Ra, El-Eloh, Allah, Thehos, Buddha, or the Christ consciousness, it is enlightenment.

The voice of enlightenment was the voice that John heard behind him (Rev 1:10-11 10: I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet 1:11 saying, What thou sees, write in a book and send it to the seven churches (7 spiritual centers in the body) this refers to the unseen or subjective consciousness, whose base of action in the body is the spinal cord and the medulla oblongata. It is there that divine law stores all the words and thoughts that we have ever entertained: “The word of God/Ra and the testimony of Atum-Iusus/Jesus” is thus recorded in this “isle that is called Patmos or the isle of flames. (See Pert-EM-Hru – The Book of Coming Forth by Day)

Question: what does the trumpet represent?

Answer: trumpets of the Angels (Neteru), represents Heru and Maat (Divine peace, balance and order) or waves of harmonious energy that go to every part of our (Sia) mind and our (Khat) body when we rejoice in spirit and our heart is filled with gratitude and we express ourselves in praise and thanksgiving to the Creator of All. (Refer to Egiptian-Kemetian Harmonics)

Question what does harmonics have to do with the Egyptians?

Answer: Harmonics was a science used by our ancient Ethiopian-Kemetian Ancestors in the African Nile Valley.

The sistrum or sesheshet was used to resonate waves of harmonious energy that went to every part of our (Sia) mind and our (Khat) body. Instruments produce harmonic frequencies which are multiple fundamental frequencies. A fundamental frequency of 500Hz has a first harmonic frequency of 1000Hz, double the fundamental frequency. Its second harmonic is 1500Hz, the third harmonic is 2000Hz and so on. A musical instrument produces both fundamental and harmonic frequencies. There is a lot of science behind harmonics; we will discuss it in greater detail in a future lesson. Peace & Blessings,

Shalome, Peace, Salaam, Hotep



ABOUT THE EDITOR & PUBLISHER FAHEEM JUDAH-EL - Meta-physician, Mystic, Scribe, Researcher, Publisher Born on September 15th 1962 in Decatur Illinois: Faheem Judah-El is a Researcher and Historian: He has spent many years chronicling and preserving the story of African people worldwide. As a researcher He has traveled to many parts of the world such as: Ethiopia, Egypt, Mecca, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and many Native American Mound Centers of North America. He is currently an author, and the Editor of African Scholar Publications & Preservation.

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