About Faheem Judah-El D.D.

Faheem Judah-EL was born September 15th 1962 in Decatur Illinois. He is considered one of America’s most prominent Meta-physicians or Spiritual Scientists.

Faheem has studied many spiritual disciplines such as The Kemetian Mysteries – The Greater Mysteries, Christianity – The Lesser Mysteries, The Ethiopian Mysteries, Metaphysics, Sumerian Theology, The Dogon Mystery Traditions, Sufi Traditions, Kundilini Chakra System, and the Life of Christ. He has written and published many books on spiritual concepts. Mr. Judah-EL has travelled to many parts of the world such as: Ethiopia, Egipt, Mecca, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and many Native American Mound Centers of North America. Currently Mr. Judah-EL is an author, editor, and Publisher at Axum Publication.